Poster-Art Sun

Software: PhotoImpact 7 through X3

Author: Katherine Nightingale

Skill Level: Beginner

Featured Tools:

* Paintbrush, Oil Paint Brush, Bristle Smear Retouch Tool, Water Drop Tool, Path Drawing Tool

This is my color palette, if you'd like to use the eyedropper to create your swatch in the color panel, instead of typing in the hex numbers.



Open a new canvas, 500x500 pixels.

Using the Path Drawing Tool, Outline, size 3, 2-D, black, draw a large circle.  Switch to the Pick tool, and in the attribute bar, "center both".

Switch to the Paintbrush, size 5, black, no transparency and 15 soft edge...
...straight line option.

Click on the "mode" icon, and draw lines at the top and bottom of your circle, and two more left and right. Go to the pick tool, and when the dialog box opens, click "yes".

Select all four lines, duplicate, choose the Transform tool , and Rotate 45 degrees

Now, draw a slanted line starting halfway between each straight line, to the top of each line, as shown.

Making sure you are still in mode, and changing the "straight line" option to "freehand", draw the flames coming out from between each ray.

Draw a stylized face.  When it is complete, right-click and Select All Objects, then Merge As Single Object.  Duplicate this and move the second to another canvas, which can be minimized for now.

You can drag the outline to your EasyPalette if you'd like, to keep as an object.

On the original, right-click and Merge All.

Choose the Oil Paint brush , transparency 75, multicolor sliders at 1-2-2, color a bright yellow (I used #FFFF00)

Go into mode, and paint the whole face area.  Don't worry if it goes into the black lines a bit.

Switch to #FFD502 for one half of each ray, #FF9901 for the other half, and #FD2600 for the flames.

For the mouth, paint in with #C41D00, then a stripe of #FD2600, not going all the way to the edges.  In the retouch tools, use the Bristle Smear, size about 9, level 100, in an up and down motion.

Make the eyes any color you'd like (Mine are #2446F0) but put your multicolor sliders at 9-9-7 to get some color variation.  Move your brush out from the pupil to the edge and back, all around the iris.  Place a dot of white partly on the iris, partly on the pupil, of each eye.

Now for some highlights. Use the Airbrush, at size 100, color #C41D00, transparency 50, soft edge 40, and tap in the cheeks.

With a smaller brush, darken the base of the rays and flames, and add accents to any part of the face you think they'll look good.

Use a yellow, #FFFF00, to highlight the ends of the rays and flames.

With the WaterDrop brush, transparency 70, soft edge 50, blend the rough edges.

If you'd like, you can give your sun some shades.  Use the Outline tool again, size 2, 2-D, black,to draw a circle 53x53.

With the Path Drawing tool. draw a circle 50x50 and fill with a glass of your choice—I used G18 from the Material Attribute Gallery in the EasyPalette.  Place it over your outline, bring the outline to the front, merge as single object, and duplicate.  Place on the face, and paint a bridge with paintbrush at the settings you used at the beginning.

If you click the Mode icon before painting the bridge, then merge the bridge and two lenses as a single object, you can drag the glasses into your EasyPalette to use as an object.

Now, get the outline and drag it back to this canvas and put into place by using "Center Both" on the Pick Tool's attributes bar. Select the glasses, and bring them to the front.

At this point, you can right-click, select all objects, and merge as single object and drag into your EasyPalette to use another time.

Some examples done by my friends! ...........Beth

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